Odd Fellow Poker Invitational Fundraiser

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    Bringing together members of the business community to try there hand at Texas Hold'em, while raising money for charity.

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Stack Your Chips for Charity

This annual event is one of our most popular. The Odd Fellow Poker Invitational Fundraiser brings 75-90 players each year for an opportunity to show off their skills while raising money for an organization or family in need. In partnership with our friends from the Irish Times (a member of Vic Pub Co.), this is a fun and full day of mixing the local business community together and making new friends.
The big tournament prize? Bragging rights that you helped such a great cause…and that you beat everyone else.

Over the past five years, we’ve raised more than $100,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Victoria and last year we’re able to collect $16,000 to help a local family during a difficult time.

The event also includes a silent auction to raise additional funds for the Odd Fellow and Rebekah Extended Care Committee.

How the event has helped the community so far…

2014: $16,000


2012: $16,000



Charities Who’ve Benefited from this Event

Services of Greater Victoria

Boys & Girls Club of Victoria